How to enlarge Facebook photos without clicking with Magnifier

Magnifier is a Google Chrome extension. Installing it will enlarge the Facebook Timeline photos without clicking on them. Yes, you don’t have to open each photos to view its full size. Just hovering mouse will do. How? Below are the ways steps.

Install the Magnifier for Facebook from Chrome Web browser. No configuration is needed after that. Everything settings are done automatically. One thing is recommended. Just disable the theater border, which the social platform uses in displaying photos. This is because if the Magnifier extension fails to load the photos then you need to click on the photos.

After doing all these, open your Facebook Timeline. Mouse-hover any photo and you will see a pop up coming up with enlarged version of the photo. If the actual image is bigger than the Web browser window then it will resize the photo to fit by itself.Isn’t this something great” Do share your own thoughts in the below given comment box.