A 6 Step Tutorial – Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

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Earlier, you could bring in your own content along with tabs like “Photos” and “Likes”. One of the changes the advent of Timeline has wrought in Facebook’s settings has been the way you could customize business page tabs.

Being able to create customizable tabs on Facebook is a huge plus. You can customize them according to your requirements – whether you want to generate leads or promote a contest, you can do it all! Even with the debut of Timeline, it’s still easy enough to customize tabs for your Facebook business page.

What we have here is a simple tutorial on creating custom tabs for Facebook business pages. In order to get there, this is the 6-step process you should follow:

You need to login at the Facebook developer site: Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and register as a Facebook Developer by verifying your Facebook account (login with your usual Facebook login…

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How can i uninstall an app




Install Easy Uninstaller on your smartphone or tablet run on Android OS.


After installing the app open it and then scroll through the applications in your Android device. Click on the boxes beside the apps which you want to uninstall.


Next you need to click on the green colored Uninstall button. It may be at the bottom of the screen. It is done. The selected apps will be uninstalled.

Please Note: This method is not suitable for the bloatware remove that is installed by the carrier. Well, if the device is running on Jelly Bean then probably some of the bloatware apps may also be removed.
This is the simple way of how you can uninstall an app.