Young Entrepreneurs


10 points about Young Entrepreneurs

1. They orgasm every time they get an email on their phone.

2. They call themselves CEOs. What you don’t know is that they are also the gofer, office boys, drivers,interns and everything   else for their companies.

3. They regard Microsoft Excel as the greatest invention of mankind.

4. They will ask for your business cards even before they get to know your name.

5. They will only date you if you live within a square mile of their office.

6. If you have rich parents who are looking to invest in their company please ignore the point above.

7. They will never complain about their boss because they don’t have one.

8. Their parents never know what to say when someone asks “what does your child do?

9. They will convince you that they’re gonna change the world and you should join them and work for them for free.

10. They will make you believe anything to sell something. Like this note.

that’s what the young entrepreneurs think and they do.


Social Media [cartoon]

social media

social media

Cute interpretation…
An interesting way to explain different social media platforms! My only problem with it is that it is “ME” focused and not “THEM” focused.