A 6 Step Tutorial – Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

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Earlier, you could bring in your own content along with tabs like “Photos” and “Likes”. One of the changes the advent of Timeline has wrought in Facebook’s settings has been the way you could customize business page tabs.

Being able to create customizable tabs on Facebook is a huge plus. You can customize them according to your requirements – whether you want to generate leads or promote a contest, you can do it all! Even with the debut of Timeline, it’s still easy enough to customize tabs for your Facebook business page.

What we have here is a simple tutorial on creating custom tabs for Facebook business pages. In order to get there, this is the 6-step process you should follow:

You need to login at the Facebook developer site: Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and register as a Facebook Developer by verifying your Facebook account (login with your usual Facebook login…

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How can i uninstall an app




Install Easy Uninstaller on your smartphone or tablet run on Android OS.


After installing the app open it and then scroll through the applications in your Android device. Click on the boxes beside the apps which you want to uninstall.


Next you need to click on the green colored Uninstall button. It may be at the bottom of the screen. It is done. The selected apps will be uninstalled.

Please Note: This method is not suitable for the bloatware remove that is installed by the carrier. Well, if the device is running on Jelly Bean then probably some of the bloatware apps may also be removed.
This is the simple way of how you can uninstall an app.

How to enlarge Facebook photos without clicking with Magnifier

Magnifier is a Google Chrome extension. Installing it will enlarge the Facebook Timeline photos without clicking on them. Yes, you don’t have to open each photos to view its full size. Just hovering mouse will do. How? Below are the ways steps.

Install the Magnifier for Facebook from Chrome Web browser. No configuration is needed after that. Everything settings are done automatically. One thing is recommended. Just disable the theater border, which the social platform uses in displaying photos. This is because if the Magnifier extension fails to load the photos then you need to click on the photos.

After doing all these, open your Facebook Timeline. Mouse-hover any photo and you will see a pop up coming up with enlarged version of the photo. If the actual image is bigger than the Web browser window then it will resize the photo to fit by itself.Isn’t this something great” Do share your own thoughts in the below given comment box.

How to Send Fax through Websites for Free

Before emails, we had the fax machine. It’s fast for sending copies of urgent notices and documents, however it also uses a lot of toner and paper. Plus, before you can send a fax, you need to print the document out first, and when you’re done, you might not ever need the printout again.

Despite this its use is deep-rooted in many parts of the world. A lot of businesses still hold on to the fax machine for many of their documentation and office matters.
You may need to still send faxes in your business, but the good news is, you don’t need to buy a fax machine to do so. You can send faxes straight from your computer, and for free.
Here are some websites that let you send faxes of not only text documents, but also image files, excel files and even powerpoint presentations within and out of the U.S.


fax for free

fax for free

FaxZero has been busy sending more than 6.5 million faxes, for free. You can fax a maximum of 3 pages plus a cover, and only 5 free faxes in a day.
The types of faxable documents include .doc, .docx or .pdf files, all under 20MB per document. To get started, all you need is a valid e-mail address.
Upon confirming the sending of your fax, you will receive a URL for a private fax status page. Save that URL, you will not be given it again. The page shows the status of your fax, even if the confirmation of delivery email is lost. Faxes sent within the U.S. and Canda are free, but you can also use this for international faxing for a fee.


get fax free

get fax free

If you want to upload more than just .pdf or .doc files, try this service which lets you send .odt, and .rtf files as well. You can only send free faxes 2 times a day, of up to 3 pages only, but unlike Fax Zero, they don’t put ads on your fax covers. The service is still limited to just the U.S. and Canada.
With Got Free Fax, your faxes are stored for 5 days in their system. You can then use the link in the confirmation email sent to you to send the fax at anytime within that period without re-uploading it. Plus, premium fax and prepaid fax are transferred over encrypted connections to further secure your fax data.




For sending free faxes outside of the U.S. and Canada, try My Fax. You can send two 10-page faxes (under 10 MB) every 24 hours. Supported files that can be faxed include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, .PDF, .tif, .gif and .jpg. You just need a working email address to use it.Upon submitting the fax, you will receive a confirmation message via email with a link to click to authorize delivery of the fax. Alternatively, users can get their own free toll-free fax number for a 30-day trial period, and send 100 faxes and receive 200 faxes for free. The service can be used to send faxes to 40 different countries.

How to permanently delete messages on Facebook

 How to permanently delete message on Facebook

How to permanently delete message on Facebook

There is one bad thing in Facebook. It do not want to delete anything from the server. So it has made the deletion work hard. You can not delete your Facebook profile. It also do not allow users to delete messages directly. So it has made an option of archiving messages. So most of the users send Facebook messages to archive in place of deletion. When you open any message on Facebook, you will only see 2 options in front of it. These are “Mark as Unread” and “Archive.” So most of the users think that Archive is the way to delete the message. But all the messages which are archived can easily be accessed.
If you also want to access all the messages you have saved in the archive. Follow these steps and see:

Login to your Facebook account.
Go to messages.
Scroll down the message page and see the links under the label “View”. Here you will find a link “Archived”.

Click on this link and see the new list of messages.

These are the messages which you have sent in the archive.

There is one more important thing about Facebook messages. Facebook links all your messages into a single conversation. If you have sent a conversation to archive. It will no longer appear in inbox. But it will re-appear and will be back into inbox when you again have a new conversation with the same person.

So you should delete message permanently if you really want to delete message. Sending it to archive can create privacy trouble in future.

Follow these steps to delete the message permanently.
Login to your facebook account.
Now go to messages and see the list of messages.
Here open the message which you want to delete.
Now click on the action button just above the conversation near the conversation search.
Select “Delete Messages” in the drop down menu.
Now this deleted message is no more in your inbox and cannot be recovered.
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How to Get Free Score Update on your Mobile without Internet Connection

how to get scores As the ipl fever is on because nobody wants to miss scores so here is a post which can help

1.Cricbuzz:This website provide a live cricket score on your mobile.So just send a message placed in inverted comma “@cri” to 9243342000.You will get a message very soon.Charges apply according to your mobile operator.Let if you have free Std message then it wil free for you otherwise balance deducted to message plan.

2.Zipdial: It a website which provide a cricket score when you dial 08030050055 and after 1 or 2 ring cuts your call and send a cricket score message.It has limit one mobile no. get cricket score 5 times in a day.

3.Google SMS for your phone:Get cricket scores, Indian Railways train schedules & ticket status, horoscopes, movie showtimes, restaurant information and more …all through SMS on your phone.Just type your query and sen message to 9-77-33-00000 like Cri to 9-77-33-00000.

4.Alertrix :Visit home page of Alertrix here .Register this website to get free ricket updates on your mobile and other mobile services like career tips,jokes and much more for free

How to Save a Wet iPhone or iPod Touch

You just dropped your beloved iPhone into the pool! Now what? Today we’ll take a look at the best way to ensure that this isn’t the end of your device.

In addition to outlining which recovery methods work best, we’ll also tell you some very important actions to avoid if you don’t want to ruin your phone while trying to save it!
A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Like anyone with a modicum of sanity living in the arid desert of Phoenix Arizona, I own a swimming pool. I also own an iPod Touch. You can see where this is going. One day, as I was diligently brushing the walls of my pool, a friend stopped by. Being the polite guy that I am, I turned my back to the pool to engage in discussion.

The problem of course with turning your back on a swimming pool is that you forget that it’s there, which means when you take a step back, your friend has cause to roll on the ground with laughter as you fall helplessly through the air in slow motion with one thought on your mind: My iPod is in my pocket! Splash.

I was drenched, completely submerged. As I scrambled out of the water I handed my phone to my friend to dry off, he managed to suppress his laughter for long enough to comply. At this point, we have an all too familiar situation on our hands. This is no mere $20 mp3 player. This is a significant purchase that has possibly seen its last Words With Friends session.

In this situation there is a right and wrong way to react. Before we get into the steps that you should take, let’s look at one important thing not to do!

Don’t Turn Your Device On

This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but trust me, it’s not. In fact, when as I climbed out of the pool having already handed my iPod to my friend, I found that this is exactly what he did. He quickly dried off the outside of the device with his shirt and then naturally wanted to see if everything still worked and tried to use it.

This is a fantastic way to fry your device permanently. Granted, it’s likely already on standby and not truly off, but you’re still only going to heighten the risk of permanent damage if you try to increase the electronic activity.

Fortunately, in the end, this action didn’t spell disaster for my iPod Touch, but you might not be so lucky.
Drying Out the Device

As soon as you recover your device from its watery grave, the first step is to get all of the water out that you can. This goes beyond wiping the device off to even gently shaking it to try to free any trapped water inside.
Be Wary of Heat

From here one of the most common ideas is to grab a hair dryer. The problem with this method is that you can do as much damage as you repair. We know that water and electronics don’t mix, but it turns out heat and electronics have a similar relationship.

I’ve talked to and read about people that have successfully saved their iOS devices with a hairdryer, so it can in fact work. However, I don’t recommend it. If you’re convinced that this is the way to go, just be sure to use a low heat setting and take frequent breaks to allow the sensitive components in the phone to cool down.
Silica Packets: Do Not Eat!

You know those packets that come in everything from shirt pockets to guitar cases? These handy little guys are always equipped with a life-saving warning: “Do not eat!” This message doesn’t really help us in this situation but the packets are actually quite useful. As you know, they’re designed to absorb moisture, which means they offer a great method for sucking the water out of your wet device. screenshot

Silica packets are awesome for saving wet electronics

What you want to do is fill a plastic bag or tupperware container with silica packets like in the image above and then toss in your iPhone. Next, seal the container and let it sit for a lot longer that you want it to. At the very least, let it go over night. If you’re cautious, 24-48 hours is a safer bet.

During this time, resist the urge to take your phone out and turn it on to see what happens. There will still be some condensation hanging around inside and you therefore have the same circuit frying risk as before. Patience is the key!
Rice: A More Practical Solution

In theory, a bag full of silica packets is awesome, but who really has twenty of those things lying around? If I tear my house completely apart I might be able to find two if I’m having a really lucky day.

When my iPod Touch went for a dip, I was too busy being angry at myself to fix the thing. Luckily, my wife jumped in and took over the situation. Being the resourceful woman that she is, she put my iPhone in a bag and filled it with rice. I was born with an overactive sense of skepticism so I saw my wife’s actions as pure nonsense and started planning my trip to the Apple Store for a replacement.

Rice is a great substitute for silica packets

It turns out though that my wife’s black magic is actually a fairly common practice with wet electronics. The rice acts exactly like the silica packets and absorbs the moisture. In fact, this trick worked like a charm and in 24 hours I threw my iPod on a charger and it came to life. That was well over a year ago and the device still works!

The reason that rice is a less ideal solution than the packets is that it’s much messier. Rice might take the water out of your device, but it can fill it with dust. Still, unless you’re a strange hoarder who happens to have mounds of silica, rice can be a very effective solution.

To sum up, as soon as your iPhone gets wet, resist the urge to turn it on. Next, dry it off as best as you can, avoid heating it up unnecessarily and reach for the silica packets. If you don’t have any, fill a bag with rice, throw in your iPhone and seal it for around 24 hours.

Despite many stories of successful revivals, you’ll likely find that an iPhone that has been completely submerged in water will never be quite the same. Even if it still works, there will be noticeable quirks in how the responsiveness of the buttons, the audio quality, how well it takes a charge, etc. Ultimately, if you didn’t kill it, you’ve definitely brought it much closer to death than it was before.

It’s important to note that Apple has sensors in place that can tell if your phone has gotten wet, so don’t stroll into the Apple Store and claim that the thing just stopped working unexpectedly. Be honest and tell them what happened. You probably won’t get a free phone but Apple should offer you a discounted replacement (often refurbished).

If you’ve ever gotten your iPhone or iPod wet, tell us your story below. What method did you use to dry it out? Would you recommend that to others? Did Apple work with you on getting a replacement? We want to know!