A 6 Step Tutorial – Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

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Earlier, you could bring in your own content along with tabs like “Photos” and “Likes”. One of the changes the advent of Timeline has wrought in Facebook’s settings has been the way you could customize business page tabs.

Being able to create customizable tabs on Facebook is a huge plus. You can customize them according to your requirements – whether you want to generate leads or promote a contest, you can do it all! Even with the debut of Timeline, it’s still easy enough to customize tabs for your Facebook business page.

What we have here is a simple tutorial on creating custom tabs for Facebook business pages. In order to get there, this is the 6-step process you should follow:

You need to login at the Facebook developer site: Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and register as a Facebook Developer by verifying your Facebook account (login with your usual Facebook login…

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Young Entrepreneurs


10 points about Young Entrepreneurs

1. They orgasm every time they get an email on their phone.

2. They call themselves CEOs. What you don’t know is that they are also the gofer, office boys, drivers,interns and everything   else for their companies.

3. They regard Microsoft Excel as the greatest invention of mankind.

4. They will ask for your business cards even before they get to know your name.

5. They will only date you if you live within a square mile of their office.

6. If you have rich parents who are looking to invest in their company please ignore the point above.

7. They will never complain about their boss because they don’t have one.

8. Their parents never know what to say when someone asks “what does your child do?

9. They will convince you that they’re gonna change the world and you should join them and work for them for free.

10. They will make you believe anything to sell something. Like this note.

that’s what the young entrepreneurs think and they do.

Bicycle “Helmet of Justice” Records Video Evidence In Case of Hit and Run

Helmet of Justice

Helmet of Justice

The aptly named Helmet of Justice is a video camera-equipped brain bucket that can record evidence onto a USB drive in case of a crash. Developed by software developers from Chaotic Moon, the ‘black box’ bicycle helmet was designed to help cyclists figure out what happened if they got hit by a car and prove fault if need be. The Austin firm developed the 360 degree video helmet after one of their own employees fell victim to a hit and run while riding his bike. Drivers beware – the Helmet of Justice is on the case! Chaotic Moon designer, John Poindexter was hit by a car while riding his bike and was knocked out. The car ran without helping him and Poindexter was left in a daze and didn’t even remember what happened, let alone enough details to make an accusation. Many cyclists these days have resorted to wearing head cams to have recorded evidence in case they are hit, but these cameras are bulky and one extra thing you have to remember to bring and to turn on.

Chaotic Moon set out to solve this problem by incorporating cameras into the helmet. The Helmet of Justice features seven mini-cameras located in the vents of the helmet and held in place with foam. The cameras take video at 30 frames per second with a resolution of 720×480 in 360 degrees. When an accident happends, the cameras turn on and up to 2 hrs of video is saved to a removable USB drive in the helmet, which can be taken out and plugged into a computer to see what happened. Future iterations are expected to have higher resolution cameras and sensors that can turn on cameras before the accident happens. So far, Chaotic Moon isn’t mass producing these and a one-off helmet costs $300, but they are in talks with major helmet manufacturers to license their design and software.

+ Chaotic Moon [Via Springwise]

Google Mapathon under investigation by Indian Police


just passing through my facebook wall and i saw this  post,India is know for these type of things

Google conducted an online competition called Mapathon recently, wherein participants were asked to add information about their localities to help their online map service.

Google invited users to help “create better maps for India” by adding knowledge of their neighborhoods and promised the top 1,000 mappers prizes of tablets, smartphones and gift vouchers. Google, which ran the “Mapathon” in India in February and March, said its aim was to make more local information accessible to all and that it did not break any laws.

Survey Of India, fearing that this might be a threat to the national security, filed a complaint

requesting the police to probe into this matter

How can i uninstall an app




Install Easy Uninstaller on your smartphone or tablet run on Android OS.


After installing the app open it and then scroll through the applications in your Android device. Click on the boxes beside the apps which you want to uninstall.


Next you need to click on the green colored Uninstall button. It may be at the bottom of the screen. It is done. The selected apps will be uninstalled.

Please Note: This method is not suitable for the bloatware remove that is installed by the carrier. Well, if the device is running on Jelly Bean then probably some of the bloatware apps may also be removed.
This is the simple way of how you can uninstall an app.

How to enlarge Facebook photos without clicking with Magnifier

Magnifier is a Google Chrome extension. Installing it will enlarge the Facebook Timeline photos without clicking on them. Yes, you don’t have to open each photos to view its full size. Just hovering mouse will do. How? Below are the ways steps.

Install the Magnifier for Facebook from Chrome Web browser. No configuration is needed after that. Everything settings are done automatically. One thing is recommended. Just disable the theater border, which the social platform uses in displaying photos. This is because if the Magnifier extension fails to load the photos then you need to click on the photos.

After doing all these, open your Facebook Timeline. Mouse-hover any photo and you will see a pop up coming up with enlarged version of the photo. If the actual image is bigger than the Web browser window then it will resize the photo to fit by itself.Isn’t this something great” Do share your own thoughts in the below given comment box.